I am dead and gone. Bless you.

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Anonymous wondered:
why do u think there would be tension when ed talks about 1d?

all of the rumors surrounding ed and niall and ellie goulding

even if they weren’t true…I could imagine it all still being a bit awkward

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your tags sometimes im gonna CRY





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Ed Sheeran on writing for One Direction, their sound and his favourite member
  • I: Do you have any more plans to work with One Direction? Little Things was such a great track.
  • Ed: I did two songs for their new one; I don’t know if they’re on the album but they’ve been recorded and stuff and they sound great.
  • I: Well hopefully they will make the album. What is the sound like?
  • Ed: I hope it’ll make the album. I wrote one specifically for them, it’s my idea of what their sound should be. And one of them was a song that was one of my favourite songs I’ve ever written but it just never made it on to an album because it was too big, it was a stadium song while I was playing clubs.
  • I: Do you have a favourite member?
  • Ed: I don’t know. I see Harry the most and probably get on with him best just because I see him the most and he was the first one that I met. I’ve known him the longest and we’ve shared a lot of mutual friends so probably Harry.
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Harry and Louis have had a LOT of days MIA this tour. Of the 67 non-concert days since April 25th (when the tour kicked off), there’s been 21 where HL were completely missing.

On top of that, there’s been 6 days where Louis was seen but Harry was MIA, and 23 days where Harry was seen but Louis was MIA. This includes 4 days where Harry was known to be in LA but Louis was MIA (July 28th - August 1st), two days where Louis was in the Bahamas but Harry was MIA (August 20th and 21st), and these past two days where Harry has been seen in Nashville but Louis is MIA. 

All I’m saying is that they are really taking advantage of their time off, and obviously have a lot more freedom to do so and/or are demanding the time. I just glanced at the timeline from last year and it is SO different. On days off, Harry would always be with Cal, Lou or some random celeb/stunt or he’d be doing fan service with Niall. Louis would either be with Eleanor or another band member. There were very few days where HL were MIA at the same time (with the obvious exception of LA Week), and VERY few days where we would see all the other boys except for them.

2014 is hugely different from 2013 - no Eleanor, no Harry stunts, and HL are spending as much time together as possible in private. I’m just so happy for them and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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"I did two songs for their new one; I don’t know if they’re on the album but they’ve been recorded and stuff and they sound great."
-Ed Sheeran on collaborating any further with One Direction. [x] (via edsheerandaily)
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Anonymous wondered:
Can problematic kinks or fetishes be used in a progressive way?



do you have a land redistribution fetish

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So a friend of mine had the misfortune of dealing with rape culture from a police officer. She gave me the permission to post this on Tumblr so the name of this officer and her story can spread.

So let’s be serious for a second guys please -

Last night around 2 a.m. my friends and I decided to take a drive around Hutchinson island, and when upon returning into Sewall’s Point we made a stop underneath the causeway. We decided to stop, listen to music, and stand outside the car. Not intoxicated, not under any substance abuse, and not in the possession of any weapons - we were having clean wholesome dumb teenage fun. Without doing anything incriminating it still was unfortunately interrupted by Officer Scott Donlon, when he drove around the causeway and approached us with his lights on. We turned down the music and waited for him to approach us outside my friends car. The lights almost made it impossible for us to see his face or communicate with him without holding my arm in front of my face.

He walks up to us and says,

"I sure as hell can’t wait to hear this story."

I took the liberty to talk for my friends, because they were visibly intimidated and frightened by this officer.

I responded,

"Honestly officer, we were on our way to the beach when we decided that it was probably too late and unsafe. We decided on our drive back to stop here and enjoy ourselves. We are good people. None of us are under the influence or intoxicated we are more than willing to take a breathalyzer if you have any suspicion that we are."

That’s when he made the most disturbing comment of all,

"Yeah because running around in your underwear -"

I couldn’t believe it, he decided that my outfit of choice constituted as underwear to him. My floral top that showed my mid-drift and my high-waisted shorts was something he was going to demean and call “underwear”?

I tried my hardest not to be rude to him, but I responded with,

"That’s extremely rude and offensive sir. I don’t think my outfit should be considered underwear."

He continued to walk around my friends car trying to be intimidating and aggressive, so I spoke again:

"Sir, are you detaining us?"

Which he responded, “Yes.”

So I said, “What for?”

"For wearing underwear."

I was fuming. I was disgusted. I was baffled. I couldn’t believe that right before my very eyes rape culture was brought to light by this officer.

Again everyone - Scott Donlon, Officer of Sewall’s Point, who’s name I asked for because I was not going to let this white old privileged male think he could demean the four of us.

Luckily another officer, rolled up to us in the middle of this, he who was much kinder and diffused the situation by saying,

"Do not try him, you need to just give him respect. You could make things so much worse for yourself."

I wanted to say,

"What!? Excuse me? It’s your job to protect us, not to make us feel like our lives are threatened because he decided that he wants to be intimidating?"

Instead I said to the other officer,

"Officer, I mean no offense, and I’m sorry if I upset him, but he told us we were being detained for wearing underwear. Look at the four of us, we may be showing our stomachs, but we’re fully clothed and that’s by no means okay."

He responded,

"Well if he says you’re being detained. You’re being detained."

We were never detained.

It was all an intimidation tactic, and because of course it wasn’t worth the fight, I apologized for MY behavior and for disrespecting HIM. I let him continue to say I was running around in my “underwear.” I continued to let him say, “If I was in a bad mood tonight, I could have got you in so much more trouble.” I continued to let him discriminate my age by saying “I don’t need some 19 year old giving me attitude thinking she knows the law better than me.” I continued to let him completely dominate the situation and degrade us.

I’m not okay with this, I’m not okay with another officer fluffing his ego because he has some fucked up authoritative mentality.

Below I’ll add the photo of the outfit I was wearing, you guys let me know if I missed out on the memo of what defines underwear now.

If you actually took the time to go through my terrible grammar and read all of this ridiculous nonsense - thank you so much thank you thankyoouuu.

If you add his name ( Scott Donlon ) and people reblog with his name then it will show up in google search results as each person reblogging it is technically posting his name with the story on a separate webpage

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