genderblinditem replied to your post: I was raped. The cops do not believe me.

Me too. I’m so sorry. I’m standing with you too. Let me know if there’s anything you need ok?

Thank you love. I will.

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You are very strong

Thank you.

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I was raped. The cops do not believe me.

I want to post this on my blog as an official reminder to myself that what happened to me was rape and an encouragement not to be swayed by a justice system that often dismisses women for these kinds of crimes.

I also refuse to be ashamed of what happened to me because it was not my fault. That is something I will say to myself in the mirror every single day until I begin to believe it. But publicly acknowledging it is the first step.

To others who have gone through a similar nightmare, I am sorry. I’m standing with you.

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im a little confused... that artist said they werent releasing the song by harry and JOHN legend... soooo what is this? lol


Not a song by Harry?? I’m confuseeeeed

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God, I want to like Liam, but he can be such an embarrassment, you know?


liam is like a puppy who constantly runs through screens and knocks shit over and then begs for ear-scratches. you can’t hate him - because he’s just a puppy - but you wish he’d just fuckin grow up

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I always wondered who took this pic

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A Fans Encounter with Louis at In-N-Out today (x

thingsicanchangethingsicant:    Why is Cameron Azoff commenting #teamharry on a post about seeing Louis?


Why is Cameron Azoff commenting #teamharry on a post about seeing Louis?

Video link

ratchetlarry:  LOUIS UR SO CUTE

I was thinking about how Louis and Liam were papped flying into L.A. on March 6, about a week before Harry took the ‘family style’ photo with the Azoffs and was papped at Craig’s restaurant.
I found the above fan report about encountering Louis, on my blog on March 11.
Louis and Liam were in L.A. (during which time Louis got his arrow tattoo) in the days leading up to Harry’s very public appearance with the Azoffs.
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from this brave person who overheard julian blasting 1d’s unreleased songs, rip soon modest will get you. i’ve enhanced a bit of the vines but i can’t do anything about the noise as it’ll kill their vocals
1. harry
2. niall (or liam)
3. 1d harmonizing [wipes tears]
4. zayn
5. louis [chokes]
6. niall 

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Hi guys, sorry I’ve been MIA. I’ve been going through a really traumatizing time over the past few days and just haven’t had the time or the energy to log on to here. Miss you all though.

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